Are we a nation of over sharers?


75% of people feel that OTHER people over share pictures of their kids online. That’s according to a University of Michigan study conducted in 2015. The interesting thing about that stat, is not that we might be sharing too much, but that we get incredibly judgemental when we think about other people’s behaviour on the topic.

Are you carefree when posting pictures of your kids on Instagram or Facebook? You’re just documenting the joys of a growing child reaching important milestones and first encounters with the wonders of the world right? Or perhaps you’re just keeping family and friends from far away in the picture?  Continue reading “Are we a nation of over sharers?”

5 Key Developmental Gains That Music Offers Your Kids

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We stumbled on this post by The Limitless Mind and loved it. You’re probably well aware that music can be a soothing influence on people and that it can make your kids happy. Have you thought about the benefits of music developmentally on young and growing minds?

  1. No one just picks up a guitar for the first time and knocks out a familiar tune. Learning a musical instrument teaches discipline, patience and persistence.
  2. Learning a musical instrument forces you to pay attention to new and different sounds. It teaches your kids to think creatively.
  3. Playing in an orchestra or even the rowdiest of rock bands teaches you to work as a team.
  4. Music teaches co-ordination of a different set of muscles and skills to their physical play and school work. It helps them become well rounded individuals.
  5. Kids learn to speak their parents’ language but through music they can find a whole other voice.

Read on for even more. Let us know what you think. Have you seen first hand via your own kids what music has done for their development?

Are you hiding your music taste from your kids?

Does music appreciation with your children only mean clapping along as they enjoy Play School or The Wiggles? Are you creating an environment for your kids where ALL music is loved, respected and celebrated? Is your old CD or record collection hidden away in dusty boxes or a proud feature of your living room? We really enjoyed this piece by writer and music lover Michele Catalano on how real, adult music was passed down to her by her mum and how she is in turn doing the same thing for her kids.

Are doing the same for your children?

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Sing to your children and give them a head start in life.

Singing to your babies and toddlers makes sense.

It’s soothing for all involved. A lullaby or a soft tune often calms a tense situation when your little one is crying or your own nerves are frayed.

But there’s also plenty of research to suggest that singing to your children at a very young age gives their brains a head start in so many other useful ways. In the same way that reading and doing arts and crafts with your kids stimulates their rapidly developing brains, humming a tune (even if you think you struggle to hold a tune!) can work wonders later in life.

There’s some interesting further reading in today’s Daily Mail in the UK.

What do you think? Do you sing to your kids?

Or were you sung to as a child? And did it make you more literate than friends or siblings who may not have been sung to when little?

Missy Higgins does Play School

We were excited to see that the much loved Aussie TV kids classic, Play School is celebrating turning 50 years old (now we’re feeling really old!) by asking a bunch of our favourite musicians, actors, and personalities to perform a tune for a new generation. This is totally in line with the Melodu ethos and we want to share a few of these as we find them. Today is Missy Higgins doing Three Little Fishies. Unfortunately we can’t link to the video but check out the ABC Kids website for these and other great musical tributes.


Welcome to Melodu

Can we all agree that music is a good thing?

Ok then. What about children? It doesn’t take a Whitney Houston aficionado to recall that children are our future.

Melodu is a passion project for 3 musical dads. These 3 dads have 6 young kids between them and play guitars, bass, drums, and sing at varying levels of competence. But these 3 dads are not trying to indulge you with their own personal musical stylings. Rather, we are creating a platform for the world to share musical moments for children and by children.

These are the moments when your baby girl sings her first nursery rhyme and you find it too captivating to keep to yourself. Its the moment when your growing boy decides that he wants to be the next Bruno Mars and comes up with the dance steps to prove it. Its that moment when you rework an Cold Chisel classic with kid friendly lyrics to help coax your little ones into bath time and you decide that its too clever to stay within the walls of your household alone.

Melodu is a safe space for kids and parents alike. Its an outlet for musical expression and a place where you and your kids can feel confident in a positive, supportive environment. Melodu is creativity. Melodu is education. Melodu is a melody for you.