The Melodu iPhone App

The Melodu team are incredibly excited about the launch of the Melodu iPhone App. We’re now available for FREE download in the App Store initially (and with plans for Android release later). Get it while it’s HOT, and enjoy some exciting (to be announced) benefits of being the first members of the world of Melodu.

Why did we build the Melodu App?

We are parents ourselves. And we absolutely love music. We want to create a thing of shared joy for like-minded parents and their kids who also love music. This is for ordinary musical moments, and the extraordinary, crazy ones.

We’re not building yet another social network. Instead, a safe, simple and fun audio and video app to capture and share musical moments (and watch them climbing the charts).

You have probably lost hundreds of recordings over time: memories of your children lost in the ether, never to be recovered. My initial determination to build Melodu came after too many lost moments of my 5 year-old daughter singing a random, made-up tune. My phone memory was often full and even if I did squeeze that video in, it would just disappear among a range of photos and other files. We decided that music-loving parents and their kids deserved a designated solution.

But there’s something even bigger. What if we could inspire more kids to create music? To learn music? To love music? There are plenty of catchy tunes made in the world for kids but what about music BY KIDS?

Besides being musician-parents, we don’t claim to be experts in these areas…like many of you we are on a journey and just want to give our kids the opportunity to explore the incredible gifts that playing an instrument and the magical world of music has to offer.

Music being a particular “thing” for people starts young. In my house, we have songs playing in the morning to help with the difficulty of getting up and the stress of getting big and little people out the door…at night during bath time and of course in the car. There’s performing, dancing, singing to real and made-up tunes. Empowering music, sometimes inappropriate music and plenty of pointless explaining about the simplicity of streaming that “when we were kids, we couldn’t just get whatever song we wanted, whenever we wanted.”!

Music has become such a commodity and so over-produced. There are indeed some incredible apps to create your own gems. For me, the best songs are the ones that work on an acoustic guitar and have a decent melody. Of course great production can add much to a song but most musos know that even Taylor Swift songs sound great on an acoustic guitar…it’s not just Max Martin’s production that made them hits. There is a moment of connection and elation that, for many, only music – of all the art forms – can provide. Also, we should celebrate the scrappy ideas or spontaneous outbursts of melodic joy as much as the finished, well-rehearsed, carefully recorded piece.

As a parent I know that posting your kid publicly on the internet isn’t for everybody. Many people preferred the walled gardens of social networks and private messaging. On Melodu you can choose to upload audio-only at a simple click, however we think video provides context and delight. You can also archive a recording just for yourself, securely in the cloud.

Putting kids in front of a video app is not always a great idea. We’ll be moderating content and users can easily report inappropriate content. There are no features to track location or connect to others. We don’t allow comments on recording pages – this app is for creating, storing and watching creations. There will be zero bullying or trolling on Melodu. Also an approval code is required for many features such as broadcasting, sharing and changing profile details.

Melodu is a combination of two of my biggest passions – my kids and music. There’s heaps we plan to add to make it even more fun and useful for all the family. For now, we hope you enjoy Melodu Version 1 and capture or create some nice moments of connection with music and your family as a result. Let us know how we are doing. Your feedback is beyond important to us.

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