Family Jammin’

So we created the Music Corner. What’s happened since?

Well at time of writing, my son is banging keys on the electric piano with the demo song playing underneath. He’s moving his hands up and down the octaves crazily like Amadeus whilst my daughter dances around the room. You could almost believe he is playing…adults are not allowed to watch this show so we’ve been kicked out. They’ve decorated the room with all sorts of things from their bedrooms, the concert stage design is right up there with the best.

Last Saturday I was instructed to play the guitar while he worked his magic on the piano. My wife walked into the room and was told to go and get an instrument. We jammed for a good half hour. The term “jam session” is now commonly used lingo around here. He’s getting the hang of the Stylophone and is partial to the beatboxing app on my phone.

Sunday we went to a suburban family festival where some teenage kids were on stage playing some original, soulful, folky songs (drums, bass and singer on ukelele and acoustic). The frontgirl reminded me of one of the daughters in the TV series “Nashville”. We sat back and watched a few songs, blissfully lazing in the shade on beanbags and outdoor recliners while the music washed over. I even had everyone listening to Classic FM on the drive home without protest, we learned about Frederick the Great (King of Prussia) who composed 121 flute sonatas (and a bunch of other stuff).

Every few days, one of the kids suggests a jam session. I’ve enrolled my son back into a group music class, starting this morning. He was pumped for it and it went well.

Today we purchased a recorder for each of them. One has already been lost and the other confiscated for bad behaviour….but before that they were making some beautifully painful sounds! The whole process has been great, playing more, dancing more, walking past instrument shops and talking about what we want to play (usually drums). As the New Radicals would say, they’ve got the music in them.

They’re playing regularly now and she’s constantly making up wonderful, imaginative melodies and lyrics (not new but had slowed down for a while). If we keep this up, it will hopefully be a natural progression to instrument lessons over the next couple of years.

And all this, probably to our neighbours’ dismay,  is getting me back into my guitar and piano playing – but mine is a story for another time. It’s all about the kids right now.

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