AGHH! My kids are making a racket!!

We bought our 4 year old son a piano keyboard for his birthday this week. He and our 2 year old daughter already owned numerous ukeleles, tambourines, toy woodwind instruments, clackers, smackers and knockers.

Whether we actively encourage it or not, most kids tend to enjoy banging things and making lots of noise. If you are anything like the parents I know, you’ll gaze proudly at your progeny whilst they engage in their symphony of chaos and declare to anyone within earshot that your child definitely has “the music in them”. 

I am a little torn on this subject. My kids do love to bash and crash any musical instrument within reach. I am not sure whether they have any musical talent at this point in their fledgling lives but I get some level of joy from the fact that they enjoy this sort of play.

The part that does get my internal debate going is the extent to which I want to silence this infernal racket. Am I stymying their creative juices? Do I risk stunting the next Mozart of the industrial avant garde scene?

Or is the oncoming headache from a hard day at the office a reasonable excuse to shift the concert to a room with egg carton insulation?

We’d love to hear from you on the topic.

2 thoughts on “AGHH! My kids are making a racket!!

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