Words (and Music) Make The World Go Around

I remember seeing the film “Antz” for the first time, an animated film starring Woody Allen as a neurotic ant trying to leave his totalitarian society. I was 23 and it was the first time I encountered the genius of a kids film that worked for adults as well.

Lately I have been wondering if there could be a music outfit/band for kids that parents could genuinely enjoy too. It would be just as much a revelation as Antz I reckon.

I think if it did exist, it might sound a little something like this great new springtime ditty by Josh Pyke and Justine Clarke. It’s been on our kids’ Spotify playlist for only one day and already we all know ALL the words. We’ve had it on an endless loop. Look out for the little homage to Pyke’s 2008 track, Candle in your Window.

Never heard of Josh Pyke? His acoustic pop storytelling produced the melodic Triple J favourite from 2005, Middle of the Hill, a slightly more edgy, wistful take on childhood. He’s released 5 studio albums, for which 2 have won ARIA awards and has been nominated for countless others. Justine Clarke, I reckon you’ve come across. She already gets our kids singing and jumping on a daily basis…

Anyway, we wanted to share this great new track with you all because it’s exactly what Melodu is about and we love it. Playful, smart pop music that the whole family can enjoy. Thanks guys – my playlist desperately needed a freshen up.

The aim of the new single, being released on Indigenous Literacy Day on September 7, is to raise funds for literacy for children in remote Indigenous communities. More on that very worthy cause here.


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