5 Everyday Ways to Inspire Preschool Kids to Play Music

Playing music can offer children many benefits and opportunities. Whilst they may well grow up and pursue other forms of performance or fine arts, physical or intellectual pursuits, I want my kids to have all the keys they need to the wonderful world of music.

So how can parents get their kids excited about playing musical instruments and creating sounds in natural, everyday ways?

Here are our top 5 categories of ways to motivate kids to create music.

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Family Jammin’

So we created the Music Corner. What’s happened since?

Well at time of writing, my son is banging keys on the electric piano with the demo song playing underneath. He’s moving his hands up and down the octaves crazily like Amadeus whilst my daughter dances around the room. You could almost believe he is playing…adults are not allowed to watch this show so we’ve been kicked out. They’ve decorated the room with all sorts of things from their bedrooms, the concert stage design is right up there with the best. Continue reading “Family Jammin’”

Our Music Corner

I’ve done a fair bit of reading lately about kids learning to play music, why it’s valuable, how it should be approached, how to choose an instrument, etc…and we have posted some of the ones we like here on the blog, on our Facebook and Twitter. My 6 year old daughter wants to learn the violin. I’d rather steer her towards piano because in theory it’s great for…well learning music theory. I have given her one mediocre lesson with the help of a learn piano app.  Continue reading “Our Music Corner”

AGHH! My kids are making a racket!!

We bought our 4 year old son a piano keyboard for his birthday this week. He and our 2 year old daughter already owned numerous ukeleles, tambourines, toy woodwind instruments, clackers, smackers and knockers.

Whether we actively encourage it or not, most kids tend to enjoy banging things and making lots of noise. If you are anything like the parents I know, you’ll gaze proudly at your progeny whilst they engage in their symphony of chaos and declare to anyone within earshot that your child definitely has “the music in them”.  Continue reading “AGHH! My kids are making a racket!!”

Does My Kid Need To Learn a Musical Instrument?

You’re busy right? The five days of the work and school week fly by with their grueling, grinding regime of lunch prep, drop offs, after school activities and less sleep than you’d like. The weekends are meant to be for R & R, but really they just come with their own sets of expectations and plans. It feels tough to justify adding yet another commitment to your modern child’s (and your own) schedule. So what about learning a musical instrument?  Continue reading “Does My Kid Need To Learn a Musical Instrument?”

Words (and Music) Make The World Go Around

I remember seeing the film “Antz” for the first time, an animated film starring Woody Allen as a neurotic ant trying to leave his totalitarian society. I was 23 and it was the first time I encountered the genius of a kids film that worked for adults as well.

Lately I have been wondering if there could be a music outfit/band for kids that parents could genuinely enjoy too. It would be just as much a revelation as Antz I reckon. Continue reading “Words (and Music) Make The World Go Around”